Music is an international language with no barriers but infinite repertoires. The wide application of music from medical to pleasure listening opens doors to unlimited opportunities for any person to use as it best fits. Thus, people with special needs should get the chance to learn and master music, be it for self-entertainment or to make a career.

In our country, there is a lack of awareness in talent scouting for music appreciation among the people with special needs. There are no teachers trained to teach music, for example, the theory of music to those without sight. Owing to such, the many gifted ones, have no opportunity to groom and maximize their ability.

In the performance you will see tonight, people with special needs and their “normal” peers will come together to entertain you in groups and individually. This is the expectation we hope to achieve, not in short term but as a long terms commitment towards the inclusion concept of Malaysian society. The trust that we all share allows us to break new grounds in the area of fostering better programs and bigger partnerships for the benefit of the people with special needs.

May I therefore, take this opportunity to urge you, not just to be a participant in this concert but be our partner to promote the inclusion concept in our Malaysian society. Let’s create the opportunities to boost the coming of a brighter tomorrow for the people with special needs in Malaysia.

  1. The Penang Inclusion Orchestra (PIO) is a newly formed orchestral group consisting of a group of music lovers of all ages and races and special needs children. The performers of this group play all kinds of musical instruments, western and cultural.
  2. The main mission of PIO is to strive to help the Blind and the Handicapped to learn music, and stage performances with a view to help and create job opportunities for them through music.
  3. The second mission is to help fulfill the objective of ONE Malaysia concept by forming an orchestral group consisting players of all ages and races playing various musical instruments.
  4. PIO has fully qualified and professional tutors who teach and give guidance on up-to-date musical instruments to assist the players.
  5. The first concert of PIO was held on 18 April 2010, Sunday at the Dewan Sri Pinang.


槟 州 统 一 交 响 乐 团
352-02-02 Jalan Perak (Kheng Tian Yew Kongsi) 11600 Penang Malaysia
Tel: 012-5766583, 016-6650386

Pada 24 Julai tahun lalu, Pulau Pinang Inklusion Orkestra mengadakan konsert muzik dengan Muzik Pahlawan Purba tema Legenda dan Opera Cina. Ia telah diadakan di Dewan Sri Pinang Pulau Pinang sempena Festival Warisan Pulau Pinang. Konsert itu meliputi gabungan kedua-dua Timur dan Barat klasik teater simfoni serta Cina Opera dan Hainan, Kantonis, dialek prestasi semua dalam satu menerima sambutan hangat dan tepukan daripada penonton. Berharap bahawa kita boleh terus mendapat sokongan dan penyertaan dalam tahun-tahun akan datang daripada pelbagai budaya asli juga seperti Chaozhou, Hakka, Hokkien, Fuzhou, Taishan dan sebagainya untuk memupuk perpaduan seni budaya Cina.

Oleh kerana sebab ini, Pulau Pinang Inklusion Orkestra sekali lagi akan mengadakan konsert yang sama tidak lama lagi dan kita perlu penyertaan serta usaha bersama dan perpaduan daripada pelbagai puak dan sokongan persatuan penganjur ‘. Kami berharap bahawa kita boleh terus dengan adunan yang menarik budaya muzik etnik Cina pada tahun akan datang untuk mengekalkan intipati dan warisan. Kami merancang untuk mempunyai konsert pada 19 Mei 2012 pada 7:30 dengan tema “CONCERT SANAK PERIHATIN DAN BERSAUDARA” di Dewan Sri Pinang. Kami menyambut artis puak-puak dan pelawak menyertai sama-sama untuk membuat orkestra kebudayaan cina berjaya dengan hasrat berikut: –

  1. Untuk mewujudkan kesedaran budaya dan tradisi Cina dan memupuk generasi baru artis tunas untuk memulihkan warisan berharga kita seni budaya.
  2. Untuk membentuk satu kejayaan gabungan inovatif muzik simfoni orkestra sejajar dengan trend global.
  3. Yang ingin bahawa semua Opera dan teater etnik Cina akan bergabung untuk membuat prestasi besar.

Kami ingin untuk mengetahui pelbagai Cina kumpulan Muzik Kebudayaan dan kaum kerabat dari kongsi dan puak-puak mereka masing-masing di Pulau Pinang. Kami berharap bahawa semua pelbagai puak-puak atau kongsi sila hubungi kami dan memaklumkan kepada kami tentang muzik yang sedia ada anda atau kumpulan koir untuk menghulurkan bantuan. Sila hubungi kami bahawa kita boleh terus berhubung dengan kebimbangan semua dan berharap untuk membentuk sebuah orkestra bersatu untuk konsert di kedatangan. Sekiranya anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi kami di: – Encik Chin 012-5766 583


槟州统一交响乐团在去年七月二十四日于槟州大会堂举办了以 “古装与武侠主题音乐剧“的音乐会,也同时列入为槟州古迹文化节之一。该音乐会中结合了中,西方音乐,粤剧,京剧,海南剧及交响乐的结合而获得好评,许多观众都给予了极高的评价,希望每一年都可以持续下去这类的音乐会并同时希望能将其他籍贯文化纳入,例如潮州,客家,闽南,福州,台山等。
正因如此,槟州统一交响乐团再次申办如此的音乐会,同时必须有赖于各界人士,各宗祠,各公会及会馆等联手举办。 所以我们已订于 今年5月19日(六)7:30pm于槟州大会堂以主题为《乡亲乡爱》的音乐会。 希望每年都可以举办同样类型的音乐联谊会,能

  1. 将中华文化及各籍贯的精髓结合一起。
  2. 将槟州所有籍贯文化结合一起为一年一度的“音乐联谊会”。
  3. 将中华文化延续而发扬,同时培育新生一代的加入与参与。
  4. 将所有籍贯的文化与现代交响乐团结合,创新与突破,向世界文化看齐。
  5. 将戏剧与音乐为大总汇。

对于以上有任何疑问,敬请联络 MR.CHIN 陈俊祈老师 0125766583. 如蒙受惠, 不勝感激。


On July 24 year 2011, Penang Inclusion Orchestra held a musical concert with the theme Legendary Ancient Warriors Music and Chinese Opera. It was held at the Penang Dewan Sri Pinang in conjunction with the Penang Heritage Festival. The concert covers a blend of both Eastern and Western classical theatre symphony as well as Chinese Opera and Hainan, Cantonese, dialect performance all in one receive overwhelming response and applause from the audience. Hope that we can continue to have more support and participation in the coming years from various native cultures as well such as Chaozhou, Hakka, Hokkien, Fuzhou, Taishan etc. to nurture a unity of Chinese cultural art.

Due to this reason, Penang Inclusion Orchestra once again will hold a similar concert soon and we need the participation as well as the joint efforts and unity from various clan and guild organisers’ support. We hope that we can continue with an interesting blend of ethnic Chinese musical culture in the coming year to preserve the essence and heritage. We plan to have the concert on the 19th of May 2012 at 7.30pm with the theme “Caring Kiths and Kins” at dewan sri pinang . We welcome all our clans artists and comedians to come and join and participate hand in hand and heart to heart to make a successful united chinese cultural orchestra with the following wishes : –

  1. To create awareness of our Chinese culture and tradition and nurture a new generation of budding artists to revive our precious heritage of cultural arts.
  2. To form a combined innovative breakthrough of symphony and orchestra music in line with the global trend.
  3. The wish that all ethnic Chinese Operas and theatres will merged to make a grand performance.

We wish to get to know all the various Chinese Cultural Musical groups and kinsmen from their respective kongsi and clans in Penang. We hope that all the various clans or kongsi will kindly contact us and inform us of your existing musical or choir groups to lend a hand. Please contact us so that we can keep in touch with all concern and hope to form a united orchestra for the on-coming concert. Should you have any enquiries please contact us at :- Mr Chin 012-5766 583